Meet benny and get $10 in BCH credit

Hi Folks –

Today, I am extremely pleased to deliver some really exciting news – I’ve brought Benny Vasquez on as my business partner and Chief Technology Officer for Black Chicken Host!

Many of you have already interacted with Benny via support tickets, and have seen first-hand her fantastic customer service and systems administration skills.

Benny has been a large part of my development as a Linux systems administrator and web host since we met in June of 2008. She brings an amazing drive and technical expertise to BCH, and has already made significant improvements to our business. Her skill and determination are just what BCH needs.

Benny and I share a common vision – a commitment to you, our customers. We both know you’re very good at what you do, and that our role is to do the technical heavy lifting to make sure you can keep getting your content out there.

We have some great plans to move the company forward while maintaining that personalized customer support you’ve come to love: We thrive upon our close relationships with our customers.

I’ll still be as involved as ever as CEO, and we’ll share the support load evenly.

What does this mean for you? Product improvements! New blog content! Better service all around! Support coverage in the morning!

Thus, without further ado, please meet Benny Vasquez, BCH CTO, who has an opportunity for you to help us shape our future.


Communication using technology fascinates me. Here, in my living room in Michigan, I am preparing to tell you all about myself. With our phones, or tablets, or laptops, and the ever-increasing availability of free wifi, this blog post can be read anywhere in the world, and in an age when Twitter is a quicker way to find out if Netflix is down than calling Netflix, I believe that technology is key to connecting us to each other. Too, I believe that it will lead us to a better and deeper understanding of ourselves.

No children were harmed in the making of this image.

I found my interest in technology early. My dad was a natural tinkerer, so as soon as we could get a computer, we had three. Apple, Amiga, MS-DOS; I had early exposure to all of them! I learned to love computers through video games and word processors, and as I grew these tools became comfortable allies in research and communication.

Despite my early interest, computers themselves were never a field of study that I felt compelled to pursue. They never seemed independent of all of my options, because they were and continue to be necessary tools. Surprisingly, that level of comfort has not yet diminished my awe. I remain ever-impressed that answering a question about anything at all no longer involves reaching for an encyclopedia, and that waiting weeks for our written communication to arrive in the hands of another is no longer the norm. I keep maps in my car for nostalgic reasons, knowing that as long as I have a phone I won’t ever need them.

I promise, we're nearly there.

I promise, we’re nearly there.

Even with their ubiquitous nature the unfortunate truth is, if you have never learned how to use the tools, you are left at a disadvantage. That gap is exactly what Erin has worked so hard to close for those hosting with Black Chicken Host. She has spent 5 years helping people who are compelled to goals that require the use of unfamiliar tools, and I am amazed at her dedication to that idea.

I’m excited to keep building BCH to be the best choice for your webhosting needs, and to ensure that we provide the best and simplest tools to everyone else that wants them. My goals for this year are largely dependent on you: Our customers. Erin and I welcome feedback and questions, and would love to interact with all of our clients more in order to identify any gaps in our services, and to help in any way we can.

3 minutes for $10

To that end, Erin and I have put together a 7 question survey, and as a reward for helping us move the company forward, we’ve decided to give $10 of BCH credit to each existing customer that takes the survey in the first 30 days. The questions are quite simple, and should only take 2 – 3 minutes, but the information you’ll give us is invaluable.  Please take a moment and help get paid to help shape the future of BCH!