Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Servers:

If you’ve really hit The Bigtime and need your own Dedicated server, we have a variety of options available. We offer both virtual and physical Dedicated servers. Virtual Dedicated machines are quickly and easily deployed automatically, and are scalable on the fly, while physical Dedicated servers must be built by hand in the order they were received, and must be taken offline to upgrade.

There are pros and cons to both Virtual Dedicated and Physical Dedicated servers.

A Virtual Dedicated server will be quick to deploy and can be scaled up or down through our provisioning system with just a few clicks of a button and little downtime. However, there is some system overhead required for the provisioning system itself, and the performance of a Virtual Dedicated server will usually be slightly slower than a Physical Dedicated server. Virtual Dedicated servers are billed-for by the day; use it for only as long as you need without worrying about a longer commitment.

A Physical Dedicated Server is fully independent, and there is no additional resource consumption from our provisioning process; therefore, it will be a bit faster than a Virtual Dedicated. It does, however, need to be taken fully offline to have its physical components upgraded. Physical Dedicated servers are billed-for monthly, and require a 3-month minimum commitment.

We have dozens Dedicated server options available, and we’re always updating hardware and configurations. Prices typically start around $250/month. Please contact us for a custom quote.

Compare Shared, VPS and Dedicated Account Pros and Cons

Unlike Shared and VPS accounts, Dedicated servers offer physical hardware that is exclusively yours! No virtual neighbors to cause shenanigans, no resource-sharing – it’s all just for you.

We can create your Dedicated server in one of two geographic areas – Lansing, Michigan, or Phoenix, Arizona – to make sure it is close to your customer base. The default location is in Michigan – please specify at ordering if you would like your server to be created in Arizona.

We also offer self-managed Dedicated servers for $20 less per month; however, self-managed Dedicated servers come with no Home-Cooked Support, and are intended only for experienced Linux systems administrators. Should self-managed server customers require Home-Cooked Support assistance, a per-hour fee of $50 will be assessed. Self-managed servers are available with CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian. Please contact us for a quote or invoice for a self-managed Dedicated server.