The Great and Terrible cPanel

cPanel – We Love It and We Hate It.

cPanel. It’s the biggest, best-known web host control panel out there. We’ve used it since our inception, and it has in many ways made our lives as web hosts easier. However, it comes with so many bells and whistles, and it gets its hooks into so many things, the convenience comes at the expense of a significantly slower server and websites. It just tries to do too much, and everything slows down as a result.

We searched high and low, looking for something better, and we have finally found it by joining DigitalOcean hardware with a proprietary hosting system. It’s¬†incredible, you guys. So fast. So smooth! Effortlessly perfect.

It’s so good, we would like to discontinue cPanel servers as much as we possibly can – you and your readers want a lightning-fast website, and we can make it happen for you.

The Future of the Internet

The way of the future is compartmentalized services Рno more jack-of-all-trades/master-of-none nonsense: Let the companies who do email really well do email; let web hosts host websites; let DNS servers host DNS and nothing more. This keeps things really fast, really simple, and just generally better.

We’ll soon publish more posts about our big changes, and why we’re moving in our new direction – stay tuned!