Additional Services

We are a one-stop-shopping site for your online presence. In addition to our Shared, VPS, and Dedicated account, we can also provide the following.


Domain registration
We are a fully-functional domain registration service, able to register, transfer, renew, manage and push domains through eNom.

SSL’s (Secure Socket Layer Certificates)
Our SSL rates are extremely competitive, from the most basic RapidSSL up to EV SSL’s (the kind with the green bar) with wildcards. Find out more in our Customer Portal under “Order” -> “SSL’s”

Advanced Spam Filtering
Black Chicken Host offers the most advanced Email Filtering specifically engineered to filter and block unwanted emails. This spam firewall keeps malware, viruses, and phishing attempts of your inbox. The Thresher Email Filtering Service includes a constantly maintained and up-to-date database understanding old, new, and evolving threats, as well as mitigating advanced methods used to subvert firewalls and filtration systems.

Malware scanning
In addition to our own, internal malware monitoring, we offer third-party anti-malware services. From GeoTrust Anti-Malware to Symantec’s Safe Site, we have several automated security services to protect your data. Find out more in our Customer Portal.

Load Balancers
If high-availability is an absolute requirement for your website, we can custom design a load-balanced, high-availability solution for you.

External Monitoring
In addition to our in-house monitoring systems, which monitor server-wide services, we will add your domain to our external monitoring provider. This service will monitor your site specifically every 1 minute and let us know the site is not reachable from an external location. We will give you access to a banner like this for your URL:

Example of‘s report

Additional peace of mind for only $3.00 per domain, per month! We can monitor a variety of services externally, at a variety of intervals. We offer plans from Pingdom as well as Hyperspin, and we are a hosting partner with Hyperspin’s worldwide monitoring network.

(Do bear in mind not all alerts from external monitoring services indicate a problem with the server – there may be network congestion between their location and ours, or another problem; still, we find this service extremely useful.)

And Still More:
Reseller accounts
Remote KVM
External firewalls
PCI Compliance

Much, much more…

If you need a product or service not listed on the site, please just let us know; we’ll be happy to help with a customized solution!