Affiliate Accounts

Black Chicken Host has a generous affiliate program!

Unlike most affiliate programs, which pay a one-time commission per account referred, we offer an ongoing 10% commission paid out monthly for the lifetime of the referred account (provided the affiliate still has an active hosting account with BCH.)

We have publicly-available knowledgebase articles which may help you decide if you want to become a Black Chicken Host Affiliate:

What is an affiliate?
What’s the difference between a reseller and an affiliate?

You can view available banners on this page, which you can integrate with your unique affiliate URL to generate revenue on your blog.

As with all such arrangements, there is a bit of fine print associated with being a Black Chicken Host Affiliate. When you sign up (which is free!) via your Customer Portal, you’ll be given a special link to use in your ad placement. You will also receive an initial deposit into your affiliate account just for signing up (the amount will vary, depending upon promotions and special offers; currently, this amount is $5.00.)

  • When customers sign up for Black Chicken Host accounts using your affiliate ID, we know you referred them to us and we add them to your commissions. While we will do our best to add incoming customers who mention your name to your affiliate referrals, we cannot guarantee payment unless they use your custom URL.
  • Current affiliate policies (which are subject to change at any time) pay out a 10% commission for the full price of a customer’s order with us, and you will receive a monthly commission for the lifetime of the referred account.
  • Referred customers must remain with Black Chicken Host for 90 days before your commissions begin. When you reach $25.00 in your commission account, you can withdraw your funds.*
  • If a referred customer, subsequent to the initial order, requests additional servers, no additional referral commission will be paid. The bonus program only applies to new customers and on their initial order. However, if a customer signs up for multiple machines on an initial order, a separate referral bonus will be paid to the referrer for each machine.
  • Each referral must be a unique customer who has never been a Black Chicken Host client before. If your referral opened up 3 accounts, it is still one referral.
  • You can not refer yourself.
  • You must have an active hosting account with BCH to receive a payout*.
  • Affiliate terms may be changed at any time without notice.
  • *Payouts will be given as an account credit.
  • This page supersedes all other affiliate documentation.
  • In the event of a dispute, Black Chicken Host’s decision shall be final.

The affiliate program is intended to be a mutually beneficial arrangement between our affiliates and Black Chicken Host which rewards referrers for introducing new customers to our products. Any intentional misrepresentation or manipulation that violates the spirit of the affiliate program is strictly prohibited.
We hate legalese; it makes us sound like jerks! Glad that’s out of the way.

We hope you’ll join us!