Who We Are

Small, but mighty!

We aren’t going to try to fool you; Black Chicken Host is a relatively small company. We’re building our business from the ground-up so we know everything is set up correctly from the word “go.” We are fully-functioning as of December 2011.

We are proudly woman-owned and -operated. Although we are small, our know-how and contacts in the industry give us mighty powers! We are Information Technology professionals who are also passionate about living sustainable lives.

Black Chicken Host has over 20 years of technical support and Linux systems administration experience – we are geeks; geeks committed to a sustainable lifestyle.

We Give Back

We’re partnered with wonderful folks to enhance your online experience, and we’re buying carbon offsets from Terrapass as part of the way to ensure we’re maintaining good stewardship. We encourage volunteering and charitable giving.

We use hankies instead of Kleenex; real towels and napkins instead of paper; no disposable cutlery, cups or dishes; baking soda and vinegar instead of harsh cleaning chemicals. We compost all compostable waste and recycle as much of the rest as humanly possible. We’re very proud to produce less than 1 90-gallon bin of trash bound for the landfill per month!

We Understand What’s Important to You

Black Chicken Host’s founder and her husband maintain a small homestead in central Michigan, where they have chickens, dogs, and cats (perhaps with goats next year!) as well as a 2000 square foot garden, which produces most of their family’s vegetables spring through fall. Although she came to homesteading later in life and still has much to learn, our founder knits, quilts, sews, cans, dehydrates, pickles, recycles, gardens and belongs to local cooperatives which provide humanely raised, organic meat and raw milk.

We’re here for you and for the environment; we can’t wait to get to know you and your website! With Black Chicken Host, you’re in friendly, professional hands. We speak your language, and we share your commitment to sustainability.

Black Chicken Host – where sustainable websites come to roost.

Hatched in Michigan

Black Chicken Host was conceived while gazing out onto Lake Huron in late December, watching ducks and mergansers diving in its chilly waters as bald eagles circled overhead. Our founder was born and raised in Michigan’s rolling farmlands.

We are very happy to work out arrangements for reduced-cost hosting and services in exchange for advertising space or posts on qualified sites! Please contact us for more information. We are looking for sponsors and stakeholders at several levels.

Our Customers

Here’s a small sample of some of our customers:

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Executive Cafes

Lake Leelanau Lake Association

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Shannon Rahkola

Our growing list of customers is our sole source of referrals – we do not advertise – and we’re growing every week. We have rescued many websites from our competitors who simply cannot compete with our support or uptime.