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We know “living simply” is far from “easy living;” committing to a sustainable lifestyle requires a lot more hard work than buying everything from big-box stores. You have many important things to do everyday, and taking care of your website probably isn’t at the top of the list. 

Watch FRESH online for FREE – 1 week only!

Watch FRESH online for FREE – 1 week only!

The makers of the movie “FRESH” sent us this email today, and we wanted to share the opportunity with you! “Here at FRESH, we’re always looking for ways to build the good food movement and reach a tipping point where sustainable food is the rule, 

Motorcycles and Being Green

There are plenty of aspects of my life which conflict – being a fan of horsepower (airplanes, motorcycles, classic cars) does not  generally  mesh well with being environmentally responsible. Thus, I temper my need for speed most of the time. The one indulgence I allow