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Mondays with Millie

This week marks an exciting addition to Black Chicken Host’s blogging week – Mondays with Millie, featuring the author of Real Food for Less Money,¬†one of my favorite food websites. Millie’s expertise with creating healthy, nutrient-dense foods on a budget is vast and impressive, and many of her recipes have become regular parts of my weekly food planner.

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Fetching the Milk

(or: “How real food reversed my high cholesterol.”)

Finding organic, whole, local foods for our families can be a challenging and often costly endeavor. I find it well worth the extra work and expense, however, to have the peace of mind which comes with knowing where our food comes from and what’s in it.

When I began this crazy adventure two years ago, I had no idea what local food sources were available apart from the farmers’ markets nearby. As it turns out, with a little research and help from friends who were farther along the path than I was, I found providers of humanely-raised-and-slaughtered, organic, pasture-raised meat and raw, organic, whole milk and cream. These two sources have provided so much gustatory pleasure for my husband and myself!

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Why We Do What We Do

Things are progressing wonderfully here at Black Chicken Host. Each day, we’re getting to know our customers and their websites better, helping them to grow and thrive.

Working at other hosting companies, the aspects I enjoyed most were getting to know customers well, developing a strong rapport and becoming familiar with their preferences. In those larger companies, though, with hundreds of other support technicians, opportunities for personal connections were relatively infrequent.

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Two Websites Homesteaders Should Know About

Black Chicken Host is completely thrilled to bring two homesteading powerhouses to you:

Homesteading Heroine Jill W. of The Prairie Homestead and Wholesome Food Genius Millie C. of Real Food for Less Money are now happily settled into their new homes on our servers, and we couldn’t be more pleased to host them.

Each of these bloggers offers fantastic advice, tips, tricks, recipes, how-to’s and so much more on their sites – we recommend following their RSS feeds for a staggering amount of good information.

Whether you’re already homesteading or are just starting to research this lifestyle, both Jill and Millie have great stuff to help you along the way!