Why We Do What We Do

Things are progressing wonderfully here at Black Chicken Host. Each day, we’re getting to know our customers and their websites better, helping them to grow and thrive.

Working at other hosting companies, the aspects I enjoyed most were getting to know customers well, developing a strong rapport and becoming familiar with their preferences. In those larger companies, though, with hundreds of other support technicians, opportunities for personal connections were relatively infrequent.

Here at Black Chicken Host, though, I personally oversee all of our customer accounts. When Millie or Jill or any other customer contacts support, I know them; we’re developing a history together, a relationship.

The best part of this endeavor thus far is this: I believe in our customers and their websites. Being a part of their online presence fills me will a humble pride. I care about these sites, and their authors. Many of us share a path Рhomesteading, sustainability, conservation.

This motivates me even more powerfully than a simple desire to help people. I’m helping to spread the word about subjects I believe in personally.

Once we have our spiffy new Black Chicken Host website in place (coming soon!) we’ll be even more active in the homesteading community. Our charitable giving program will expand as our customer base increases, and we’ll begin a monthly Sustainable Giveaway for our customers. We’ll be featuring interviews with prominent homesteading and sustainability figures, special promotions and more.

Great things are coming to Black Chicken Host – we’re very happy to serve this community!

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