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Monetization Boot Camp Day 3: Ad Programs & Placement

Howdy Bloggers!

We’re already at day three of our boot camp! Thus far, we’ve taught you to produce quality content and some basic concepts in Day One, and all about affiliate programs in Day Two. Day Three is all about ads, ad placement, product promotion, and additional important terminology.

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Monetization Boot Camp Day 2: Affiliate Programs

Welcome back to Boot Camp, attendees!

Today’s topic: Affiliate Programs.

We’ll talk about finding programs, signing up, inserting links onto your blog, publicizing your unique URL, and more. While the financial results will vary from site to site, the underlying principles are the same.

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Mondays with Millie: 7 Real Food Dinners

Last week I shared 8 easy steps to help you transition to real foods.  In that post I tried to offer some suggestions to help you move toward real foods.  I thought this week, you might like to see (read) just what my family eats.  These are the actual dinners consumed at my house from Sunday to Saturday. I’ve linked to recipes when I can. I should tell you, that is not always easy. I do most of my cooking by concocting the dishes as I stand at the stove.  Once you have a few simple formulas, it is quite easy to cook in this manner. I released a free eBook recently on this style of cooking. You can get more information about my eBook here.

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Monetization Boot Camp Day 1: The Basics

Alright, Boot Campees – Welcome to Day One: The Basics!

In today’s post, we’re covering some basic concepts, terms, and tools in a generally broad overview. As the boot camp progresses, we’ll go into more detail, and also answer any questions we receive along the way. This is an intensive course – the posts are somewhat lengthy, but chock o’block full of great information.

(We promise not to make you do any push-ups)

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New Boot Camp – Monetizing a Personal Blog

Hi folks!

Coming soon, we’ll be featuring a series of tutorials covering the basics of monetizing personal blogs. From affiliate links to ad programs, widgets to social networking, we’ll help you put a little extra money aside from your hard work blogging.

While we can’t possibly cover every aspect of this blossoming phenomenon, we can bring you up to speed on how to get started.

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New Feature – Free Premium CommentLuv!

Hi folks!

Just quick update to let you know of another super-cool bonus of hosting your WordPress site with Black Chicken Host: We now have an unlimited license for CommentLuv, one of the best-known comment-oriented traffic-drivers, and we’re offering it to our customers free of charge!

CommentLuv is a powerful social networking tool which picks up the last blog posts of a commenter, which encourages them to engage on your site more frequently.

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We are very pleased to announce the winners of our first giveaway!

The winner of the coconut oil from Tropical Traditions is…

Christine Hammer Weideman

Congratulations! We’ll be contacting you shortly to get your shipping information.

The winner of the free domain registration is…

Mike Repsch

Congratulations to you, too! We’ll be in touch to get your free domain taken care of.

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Mondays with Millie: Transition to Real Food in 8 Easy Steps

Have you heard about the benefits of a real food diet but aren’t sure how to go about making the switch from a Standard American Diet (we’ll just call that a SAD diet from here on out) to a diet more focused on Real/Whole/Traditional foods (we’ll call this Real Food)?  I’m going to give you 8 Easy Ways to begin your transformation with very little ‘pain’ and without blowing your food budget out of the water.

But First, Why?

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Solar Leasing

Today, a blog post on our sister site, Homestead Geek, features Erin’s frustration with the lack of a solar leasing program here in Michigan.

We share in her frustration, and encourage our readers to sign the petition at requesting Michigan’s Governor, Rick Snyder, to eliminate the 6% sales tax on renewable energy installations, and to share it with your sustainability-oriented contacts.