Month: May 2012

Mondays With Millie: Food Freedom Needs YOU!

Today I planned on starting a series on some of my favorite tasty and gut healing foods. First up was to be yogurt and all of the wonderful benefits of yogurt and ways that you can work gut-healthy yogurt into your diet. But… Something came 

Mondays With Millie: What Happened to Animal Fats?

I enjoy reading books like the Little House on the Prairie series. I especially love these book for the descriptions of the food and food preparations. In one of the books Laura goes into detail about how ma makes butter and molds it.  In other 

Mondays with Millie: Cut out the Junk!

  For the last several weeks we have been breaking down how to Transition to Real Food in 8 Easy Steps.  We have reached step 8, Cut out the Junk!  Truthfully, this could be much higher on the list. By cutting out the ‘junk’ currently