Do You Know What This Is?

Polyface Farms Lunatic Farmer Postcard

This is an actual snail-mail postcard sent from a Mecca of sorts for folks like me. The photo is called “Lunatic Farmer,” and immediately prior to being put in the mail to me, it was on the premises of Polyface Farms! I may have it framed. Really not joking.

Who sent me this wonderful treasure?

Why, Wilson of Pantry Paratus did! And today, he wrote about his trip to visit Polyface, where he had the fantastic opportunity to sit down and talk with Joel Salatin – my hero. In Wilson’s words, “Actually having the opportunity to meet Joel Salatin himself and getting to sit down and interview him was a lot like meeting someone you only see on a Wheaties box. “

It gets better, though. Here is a portion of what Wilson wrote on the back of the card; it gives me hope in humanity – seriously.

Back of a postcard - "let us go and do likewise."

“Let us go and do likewise.”

You betcha, Wilson; I’m with you. And Joel. And Palouse.

Go forth, good people; go forth and do likewise.


2 thoughts on “Do You Know What This Is?

  1. Adrienne

    How interesting. I went to college near Salatin’s farm, but sadly, when he was speaking nearby to where I live, a “perfect storm” converged on our family and I couldn’t go. Oh well. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Host Admin

      Oh boo, what a bummer you couldn’t make it! I would love to hear him speak in person. For now, I guess I’ll just watch videos. 🙂


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