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Internet Confessional & A New Love

Dear Internet –

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written; sorry about that. Life gets so busy from time to time, and I hope you’ll forgive me.

There’s this addiction I wrestle with: Peanut Butter. Specifically, sweetened peanut butter. Give me a jar of Peter Pan and a spoon, and I’ll probably stand there eating it until I throw up. I realize it’s horrible and full of things which are bad for me. Sometimes, I just don’t care – I know, that’s terrible. I’m working on it! Continue reading

Boot Camp: Using Your Domain with gMail

Most of us in the internet business want to increase our domain’s visibility in as many ways as possible – getting the word out about our amazing blog, service or product is an important part of our success. One method of ensuring people see our domains is to use a domain-based email address, as opposed to a free email provider address.

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Scrumptious, Warming, Filling, Nutritious – Pumpkin Pie Porridge

Today at The Unlikely Homestead, it is about 40 degrees with a strong wind out of the North. It’s cloudy, thanks to the edges of Hurricane Sandy’s might, and most of the stunning autumn leaves have fallen from the trees, leaving the countryside bare and stark.

This is a difficult transitional time of year for me, going from the radiant beauty of fall to the dingy brown starkness of early winter. Once the snow falls (provided we get any this year,) it will improve things significantly, but for now… it’s dreary. Couple the weather with my best friend moving to England for 5 months this Friday, and we have a recipe for the blues. I’ve been sleeping a lot, and not doing much of anything.

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Finding Meaningfulness in Work

Last week, I spoke with the lovely and talented Chaya of Pantry Paratus over Skype. While she was ostensibly interviewing me for a Pantry Paratus Radio podcast, it was more like a nice conversation with a good friend. We talked about everything from raw milk to website hosting to balancing homesteading with full-time work and all of life’s trials.

One of the not-too-secret secrets I have is that I hate computers. I really do.

It didn’t start out that way, of course. I found myself working in the Information Technology business in the early nineties almost by accident. I hired in as a part-time computer lab assistant at the University of Michigan, worked my way up the ranks, and before I knew it… I had A Career. Geekiness does run in my family; my dad is a computer geek, and his father was an engineer. I come by it honestly.

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A Return to Blogging Season with a Giveaway!

Hi folks –

We’ve had a very busy summer here at Black Chicken Host, with work and home activities keeping us away from the blog. We haven’t been dormant, though! We’ve continued to develop great partnerships within the industry, brought on a lot of new customers, and are as excited as ever about the future.

The trees are turning glorious shades of red and gold all around us, the days are certainly shorter, and despite partially wanting to cling to summer, we’re ready for the more introspective, quiet, fall and winter times. Soon, quilting fabrics and yarn will call to me. Neglected books will beckon…

…and my skin will become crispy and dried, much like the falling leaves.

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Venus Transit Promotional Discount

A true-color photo of the planet VenusWe may be homesteady people here at Black Chicken Host, but we’re also science nerds.

Today, I’ve been glued to the NASA Edge live feed of the Venus transition, and have regularly had my mind blown with not only watching the passage of the planet across the face of the sun, and intense imagery of the highly-volatile surface of the sun itself, but also with pretty amazing historical and astronomical facts such as these:

  •  Transits of Venus are among the rarest of predictable astronomical phenomena. They occur in a pattern that repeats every 243 years, with pairs of transits eight years apart separated by long gaps of 121.5 years and 105.5 years. (Source: Wikipedia)
  •  The Kepler spacecraft monitors approximately 145, 000 distant stars and detects planets orbiting them by minute decreases in their observable light measurements. (Source: NASA Edge)
  •  The pressure at Venus’ surface is about 92 times that at Earth’s surface—a pressure equivalent to that at a depth of nearly 1 kilometer under Earth’s oceans. (Source: Wikipedia)

What blew me away apart from the sheer tonnage of amazing information was that there were many live feeds from around the world of people viewing and talking about this celestial event. People, we’re living in the future! This is amazing stuff.

Most relevant to your interests, however, is perhaps our web hosting special in honor of the Venus Transition.

From now until Saturday, June 9, 2012, we’re offering 10% off all shared hosting packages with a monthly subscription! Just enter promotional code VENUS2012 at checkout. This promotion can be used with your monthly paid subscription for up to 12 months.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, an amazing video of the surface of the sun. Enjoy!

Third-Party Applications & Technical Support

Black Chicken Host LogoAt Black Chicken Host, we completely understand how frustrating it can be getting the runaround from less-than-stellar technical support staff. That’s why each of our Home-Cooked Support staffers was hand-picked by our founder from people she has known and worked with personally for years; you’re not going to get a shady, half-wit answer from us. We promise.

Last night, I had a series of particularly frustrating conversations with the developer of a WordPress plugin and with MailChimp support. Each party blamed the other; the plugin developer said there was nothing he could do for me because it was MailChimp’s fault; MailChimp said there was nothing they could do for me because it was the plugin’s fault. Back and forth, round and round, as my blood pressure steadily climbed.

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Giveaway – One Gallon Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil

One gallon pail of Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut OilHey there! Want to win a gallon of Tropical Traditions Gold Label Organic Virgin Coconut Oil?

Well, sure you do!

And you can, too – saunter over to Homestead Geek and enter the giveaway there.

Additionally, Black Chicken Host customers are eligible to win a 32-ounce jar of the same coconut oil. Check your Black Chicken Host Newsletter for more details!