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Internet Confessional & A New Love

Internet Confessional & A New Love

Dear Internet – I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written; sorry about that. Life gets so busy from time to time, and I hope you’ll forgive me. There’s this addiction I wrestle with: Peanut Butter. Specifically, sweetened peanut butter. Give me a jar of Peter 

Boot Camp: Using Your Domain with gMail

Most of us in the internet business want to increase our domain’s visibility in as many ways as possible – getting the word out about our amazing blog, service or product is an important part of our success. One method of ensuring people see our 

Scrumptious, Warming, Filling, Nutritious – Pumpkin Pie Porridge

Today at The Unlikely Homestead, it is about 40 degrees with a strong wind out of the North. It’s cloudy, thanks to the edges of Hurricane Sandy’s might, and most of the stunning autumn leaves have fallen from the trees, leaving the countryside bare and 

Super Salve & Lip Balm Winners!

Super Salve & Lip Balm Winners!

We have our winner’s from the Super Soothing Giveaway – congratulations to Theresa and Adrienne! Ginny will be contacting you both in short order to obtain you preferred shipping information. Thanks very much to all who entered, and look for more terrific giveaways from Black 

Finding Meaningfulness in Work

Last week, I spoke with the lovely and talented Chaya of Pantry Paratus over Skype. While she was ostensibly interviewing me for a Pantry Paratus Radio podcast, it was more like a nice conversation with a good friend. We talked about everything from raw milk to 

A Return to Blogging Season with a Giveaway!

Hi folks – We’ve had a very busy summer here at Black Chicken Host, with work and home activities keeping us away from the blog. We haven’t been dormant, though! We’ve continued to develop great partnerships within the industry, brought on a lot of new 

Venus Transit Promotional Discount

We may be homesteady people here at Black Chicken Host, but we’re also science nerds. Today, I’ve been glued to the NASA Edge live feed of the Venus transition, and have regularly had my mind blown with not only watching the passage of the planet 

Third-Party Applications & Technical Support

At Black Chicken Host, we completely understand how frustrating it can be getting the runaround from less-than-stellar technical support staff. That’s why each of our Home-Cooked Support staffers was hand-picked by our founder from people she has known and worked with personally for years; you’re 

Giveaway – One Gallon Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil

Hey there! Want to win a gallon of Tropical Traditions Gold Label Organic Virgin Coconut Oil? Well, sure you do! And you can, too – saunter over to Homestead Geek and enter the giveaway there. Additionally, Black Chicken Host customers are eligible to win a