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Monetization Boot Camp Day 5: Advanced Topics & Wrap-Up

Howdy, and welcome to the final day of our Personal Blog Monetization Boot Camp!

We hope you’ve found the information we’ve present a useful starting point for earning income with your blog or website.

Today, we’re going to cover some advanced topics, balancing life with blogging, and summing everything up. If you’ve made it this far into the camp, we salute your attention span! There has been a lot of information presented this week.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

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Monetization Boot Camp Day 4: Social Networking

Ahoy, Boot Campees!

Welcome to Boot Camp Day Four – Leveraging Social Networking. ┬áToday’s camp is less technical than previous days, because social networking is much like having a conversation in different venues – not many technical skills are required to be successful.

Our focus today for social networking is to drive traffic to your site by engaging your audience.

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Monetization Boot Camp Day 3: Ad Programs & Placement

Howdy Bloggers!

We’re already at day three of our boot camp! Thus far, we’ve taught you to produce quality content and some basic concepts in Day One, and all about affiliate programs in Day Two. Day Three is all about ads, ad placement, product promotion, and additional important terminology.

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Monetization Boot Camp Day 2: Affiliate Programs

Welcome back to Boot Camp, attendees!

Today’s topic: Affiliate Programs.

We’ll talk about finding programs, signing up, inserting links onto your blog, publicizing your unique URL, and more. While the financial results will vary from site to site, the underlying principles are the same.

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New Boot Camp – Monetizing a Personal Blog

Hi folks!

Coming soon, we’ll be featuring a series of tutorials covering the basics of monetizing personal blogs. From affiliate links to ad programs, widgets to social networking, we’ll help you put a little extra money aside from your hard work blogging.

While we can’t possibly cover every aspect of this blossoming phenomenon, we can bring you up to speed on how to get started.

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