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Mondays With Millie: Let’s Talk About Produce

Fresh broccoli, red pepper and celery on a cutting boardFor the last several weeks we have been discussing how to transition to real food in 8 easy steps. We are on the home stretch and up to step 7 which is all about produce.

I believe that many times when people begin thinking about improving their diet, buying organic produce is one of the steps that immediately comes to mind. In fact, probably buying organic anything comes to mind. Even regular grocery stores often have a large selection of organic crackers, cereals and some organic produce.  Organic is a huge buzz word and a huge money maker for manufacturers.

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Third-Party Applications & Technical Support

Black Chicken Host LogoAt Black Chicken Host, we completely understand how frustrating it can be getting the runaround from less-than-stellar technical support staff. That’s why each of our Home-Cooked Support staffers was hand-picked by our founder from people she has known and worked with personally for years; you’re not going to get a shady, half-wit answer from us. We promise.

Last night, I had a series of particularly frustrating conversations with the developer of a WordPress plugin and with MailChimp support. Each party blamed the other; the plugin developer said there was nothing he could do for me because it was MailChimp’s fault; MailChimp said there was nothing they could do for me because it was the plugin’s fault. Back and forth, round and round, as my blood pressure steadily climbed.

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Giveaway – One Gallon Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil

One gallon pail of Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut OilHey there! Want to win a gallon of Tropical Traditions Gold Label Organic Virgin Coconut Oil?

Well, sure you do!

And you can, too – saunter over to Homestead Geek and enter the giveaway there.

Additionally, Black Chicken Host customers are eligible to win a 32-ounce jar of the same coconut oil. Check your Black Chicken Host Newsletter for more details!

Real Food Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank– Here’s Help!

Something I hear often when the discussion of eating  a diet based on real or whole foods is the high cost involved. In fact, I used to think that real food would be waaaay to expensive for my family’s modest budget.  But we found with a little creativity that we were able to transition to real foods while remaining on our Standard American Diet (SAD) budget.

A real food diet does not have to break the bank!

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GNOWFGLINS eCourse Review 3: Fundamentals I, Soaking Whole Grains, Nuts and Seeds


Hi folks! Today, we’re getting into the nitty-gritty of the GNOWFGLINS Fundamentals I eCourse. In this lesson, Wardeh teaches us some hands-on methods to get the most nutrition out of grains, nuts, and seeds.

For those already conversant with soaking methods, this might not be anything exciting; however, for people unfamiliar this method of preparing foods, it’s a whole new world!

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GNOWFGLINS eCourse Review 2: Fundamentals I, The GNOWFGLINS Foundation

a sprouted seedlingThis is the second in the GNOWFGLINS ecourse review. I’ll be reviewing each ecourse as I go through it, sharing my thoughts and opinions, and going over how useful each course is.

Fundamentals I – Lesson 1:
The GNOWFGLINS Foundation

This lesson discusses the GNOWFGLINS Foundation, including the philosophies behind it. Wardeh presents this lesson with four PDF files (Defining GNOWFGLINS, Why GNOWFGLINS, Beyond Natural and Organic, & Dietary Guidelines,) one video, and two audio files.

This is a short, light lesson, which offers basic principles and information. It’s a good overview of why the methods and foods Wardeh chooses for her family are important, healthy, and environmentally sustainable.

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GNOWFGLINS eCourse Review 1: Fundamentals I, Getting Started

Are you ready to peek inside the GNOWFGLINS ecourses? I’m totally fired up to show you!

gnowfglins seedling on monitorLet’s me get this right out of the way: I am no kitchen genius; I need all the help I can get. While I can modify recipes to suit our tastes, I need the prep work and method clearly delineated. Put another way: If I can follow the instructions from GNOWFGLINS, boy howdy – you can, too.

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Upcoming Review Series: GNOWFGLINS eCourses

Howdy Folks!

photo of wardeh harmonSome of you are already familiar with the fantastic ecourse series offered by Wardeh Harmon of GNOWFGLINS (g-NOWF-glinz.) However, I bet not all of you have taken the leap and purchased a subscription to them.

Perhaps you’re uncertain if it’s worth the cost of enrollment (which is a very reasonable $10/month for the entry level,) or are inherently skeptical of online courses. I fall into both camps myself; however, people I know and respect have said wonderful things about Wardeh’s ecourses. Thus far, they’ve been 100% right!

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Mondays With Millie: Where to Shop?

supermarket aisleShopping used to be so easy. Every week I’d go to the big old supermarket and fill my cart up with whatever sounded good and/or was on sale.

The big 5 pound chubs of hamburger were a regular purchase and sometimes at the low price of 99 cents a pound I thought they were a huge score. Chicken hindquarters for 39 cents a pound were also something I coveted. I’d go through the dairy section and pick up 2 or 3 gallons of 1% milk because it was “better” for me than 2% but more palatable than ‘blue’ skim milk. And no shopping trip was complete without a whirl through the bakery department for a treat or two.

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