Monthly Archives: January 2012

Why We Do What We Do

Things are progressing wonderfully here at Black Chicken Host. Each day, we’re getting to know our customers and their websites better, helping them to grow and thrive.

Working at other hosting companies, the aspects I enjoyed most were getting to know customers well, developing a strong rapport and becoming familiar with their preferences. In those larger companies, though, with hundreds of other support technicians, opportunities for personal connections were relatively infrequent.

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Watch FRESH online for FREE – 1 week only!

The makers of the movie “FRESH” sent us this email today, and we wanted to share the opportunity with you!

“Here at FRESH, we’re always looking for ways to build the good food movement and reach a tipping point where sustainable food is the rule, not the exception. So, we’d like to continue spreading the word with an exciting new initiative:FRESH is available for viewing online for FREE! For a limited time (we do need to pay our bills after all), you can access the full-length film from your desktop. The movie will be available for one week, from Thursday, January 26th through Wednesday, February 1st, so don’t wait to watch! To access the movie, simply click below.

We hope that you will take the opportunity to enjoy the film and share it far and wide, with your friends, family, coworkers, school, baking club, gardening circle and more. After accessing the movie online, you’ll  receive an exclusive link to purchase a FRESH DVD for home use for just $14.99, 50% off our regular price! Consider supporting FRESH and our work by buying or gifting a copy to someone you care about.”

Our founder purchased this film when it first became available on DVD for in-home viewing, and she’s very excited they’re allowing free viewings for a week.


Black Chicken Host Opposes SOPA/PIPA

Normally, we avoid talking of politics at Black Chicken Host. However, this is so important we feel we need to speak up.

Various internet sites such as Wikipedia, Reddit, BoingBoing, Icrontic and thousands of others are going dark tomorrow to protest the Congressional bills known as SOPA and PIPA. WordPress has also decided to take a stand, and as many of our customers use WP, we thought we’d share their page about these acts with you.

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Two Websites Homesteaders Should Know About

Black Chicken Host is completely thrilled to bring two homesteading powerhouses to you:

Homesteading Heroine Jill W. of The Prairie Homestead and Wholesome Food Genius Millie C. of Real Food for Less Money are now happily settled into their new homes on our servers, and we couldn’t be more pleased to host them.

Each of these bloggers offers fantastic advice, tips, tricks, recipes, how-to’s and so much more on their sites – we recommend following their RSS feeds for a staggering amount of good information.

Whether you’re already homesteading or are just starting to research this lifestyle, both Jill and Millie have great stuff to help you along the way!

Motorcycles and Being Green

There are plenty of aspects of my life which conflict – being a fan of horsepower (airplanes, motorcycles, classic cars) does not  generally  mesh well with being environmentally responsible. Thus, I temper my need for speed most of the time. The one indulgence I allow myself in this area is my motorcycle.

Many motorcyclists out there give the community a bad name – You know the type: Popping wheelies on public streets in heavy traffic, going 112 miles per hour on the freeway, cutting in and out of other vehicles, having ridiculously loud pipes.

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WordPress Plugins – Pros and Cons

Many bloggers use WordPress (and we do, too!) which is a fantastic tool to use for an online presence. In addition to very nice built-in functionality, there is a robust community of developers who write add-on features for WP called “plugins.”

Plugins can do anything from add Facebook and G+ buttons to a page, to finding related posts for readers, to adding Google Analytics into all of your WP content. The list is long indeed, and they all seem wonderful at first glance.

However, adding too many plugins (or badly coded ones) to a site can cause troubles from long load times to outright failures – not all plugins play well together.

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We’re Ready for Business!

Although our website is still awaiting its custom branding from our fantastic Web Guy, our infrastructure is in place and we’re open for business!

We can accept new orders for domain registration, web hosting accounts, SSL’s, VPS’s, Dedicated servers and all the other goodies listed in the Customer Portal Order Area.

We’re overflowing with enthusiasm about our new venture! Contact us anytime if you have questions about signing up for a new account with Black Chicken Host – we are here for you.


Speaking the Language

With some web hosting companies, trying to communicate with tech support is a little like trying to learn a foreign language, or participating in some bizarre, cult-like religious exchange. The gurus mumble strange incantations, perform unintelligible rituals, and finally come up with an answer to your question… which you may not understand at all.

We’re not like that at Black Chicken Host.

We know the lingo, but we also understand you may not. We’re a bridge between your server and you, a guiding hand to help you navigate the sometimes mysterious waters of website maintenance.

We have the hardcore professional know-how, but also the ability to translate what it all means to those who may be new to techology, or outright technophobes. You’re good at what you do – you don’t have to be good at “computering,” too – That’s what we’re here for!

Don’t be afraid of our Home-Cooked Support team – we just want to help. We have the tools and the experience to take care of anything your website throws at us, and we can tell you all about it in words you’ll understand.