Speaking the Language

With some web hosting companies, trying to communicate with tech support is a little like trying to learn a foreign language, or participating in some bizarre, cult-like religious exchange. The gurus mumble strange incantations, perform unintelligible rituals, and finally come up with an answer to your question… which you may not understand at all.

We’re not like that at Black Chicken Host.

We know the lingo, but we also understand you may not. We’re a bridge between your server and you, a guiding hand to help you navigate the sometimes mysterious waters of website maintenance.

We have the hardcore professional know-how, but also the ability to translate what it all means to those who may be new to techology, or outright technophobes. You’re good at what you do – you don’t have to be good at “computering,” too – That’s what we’re here for!

Don’t be afraid of our Home-Cooked Support team – we just want to help. We have the tools and the experience to take care of anything your website throws at us, and we can tell you all about it in words you’ll understand.


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