Black Chicken Host Opposes SOPA/PIPA

Normally, we avoid talking of politics at Black Chicken Host. However, this is so important we feel we need to speak up.

Various internet sites such as Wikipedia, Reddit, BoingBoing, Icrontic and thousands of others are going dark tomorrow to protest the Congressional bills known as SOPA and PIPA. WordPress has also decided to take a stand, and as many of our customers use WP, we thought we’d share their page about these acts with you.

Upon first glance, these bills might sound like a good idea – protecting intellectual property from pirates – the implications of the legislation are nothing short of alarming. Black Chicken Host will not tolerate piracy, but we will also not stand quietly by while legislators threaten to destroy freedom on the internet.

The bills have become so broad-reaching even former supporters, such as Google, are now working to block them. As the legislation stands now, your own blog or website could be blocked by the government for even an alleged copyright infringement, such as failing to fully cite references, images or any other aspect of your blog. Fighting the allegation could take years and involve miles of red tape.

If you oppose these bills, make your voice heard:

Sign the AVAAZ Petition

Call your Senators

Further information about SOPA/PIPA can be found here:

Wikipedia’s SOPA/PIPA Page and their statement of why they are blacking out

How SOPA/PIPA Can Affect You

Stop Online Piracy(Scary Facts)

Tech Giants Back Off SOPA Support



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