“You say ‘SEO’ like it’s a bad thing…”

As my brilliant web designer and I were getting everything set up in the wee hours last night, we were talking about SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) My opinion of SEO is very mixed: On the one hand, I know search engines use algorithms to produce 

Stress Reduction

It’s so easy to get sucked into the insane hustle and bustle of everyday life, and to let all the little annoyances we encounter ramp up our blood pressure, make us irritable, et cetera, and that can carry over into our home life, stressing our 

So far, so good!

This morning, I baked up the soaked sourdough whole wheat biscuits for which I ground all that wheat flour yesterday. The recipe I used was from Eat Nourishing, and was one of the few soaked, whole wheat, sourdough biscuit recipes I could find. Truth be 

Misadventures in Homesteading

I tried to grind wheat into flour today. Without a grain mill. I say “tried” because I didn’t so much “succeed” as “not wildly fail.”

Before You Reach for the Chocolate Sauce…

…might I suggest something else? Something utterly unconventional and pretty odd-sounding? Yes? Ok. Here we go! My husband and I received an ice cream maker for Christmas, which gives me the perfect excuse to indulge (ok, perhaps to over-indulge) in one of my favorite ice 

Fetching the Milk

(or: “How real food reversed my high cholesterol.”) Finding organic, whole, local foods for our families can be a challenging and often costly endeavor. I find it well worth the extra work and expense, however, to have the peace of mind which comes with knowing 

Why We Do What We Do

Things are progressing wonderfully here at Black Chicken Host. Each day, we’re getting to know our customers and their websites better, helping them to grow and thrive. Working at other hosting companies, the aspects I enjoyed most were getting to know customers well, developing a