Mondays With Millie: Kitchen Beginnings

For the past several weeks we’ve been talking about how to Transition to Real Food in 8 Easy Steps.  We’ve talked about ditching cold cereal and what to have instead. We’ve talked about changing our fats from man-made fats to traditional fats.  Last week we learned 

Monday’s with Millie: The #1 Food That Should be in Your Kitchen

Monday’s with Millie: The #1 Food That Should be in Your Kitchen

The last few weeks we’ve been talking in detail about how to Transition to Real Food in 8 Easy Steps.  Today I’m going to share with you the #1 Item that Should be in Your Kitchen.  Before I go into that, want to take a minute 

Monetization Boot Camp Day 5: Advanced Topics & Wrap-Up

Howdy, and welcome to the final day of our Personal Blog Monetization Boot Camp! We hope you’ve found the information we’ve present a useful starting point for earning income with your blog or website. Today, we’re going to cover some advanced topics, balancing life with 

Mondays with Millie: 7 Real Food Dinners

Last week I shared 8 easy steps to help you transition to real foods.  In that post I tried to offer some suggestions to help you move toward real foods.  I thought this week, you might like to see (read) just what my family eats.  

Meal-Planning – A Chef’s View

One of our favorite customers, Pantry Paratus, put up a blog post this week called “Chef Nancy: Menu Planning and Weston A. Price Foundation” we felt warranted special attention.

Our First Giveaway!

How do you like our new digs? We’re pretty excited about it ourselves! 😀 If you like it, too, the theme was created by Chris J. – The Web Guy; he does wonderful work and I recommend him highly. The artwork was drawn by Stephen 

Mondays with Millie

This week marks an exciting addition to Black Chicken Host’s blogging week – Mondays with Millie, featuring the author of Real Food for Less Money, one of my favorite food websites. Millie’s expertise with creating healthy, nutrient-dense foods on a budget is vast and impressive, and 

“You say ‘SEO’ like it’s a bad thing…”

As my brilliant web designer and I were getting everything set up in the wee hours last night, we were talking about SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) My opinion of SEO is very mixed: On the one hand, I know search engines use algorithms to produce 

A Clear Benefit of Hosting With Us

Recently, we rescued Pantry Paratus from a sub-optimal relationship with another hosting company. Check out their response times since that happened: It’s pretty clear where we came into the picture, right? We will never oversell our servers, like most other hosting companies do. Your Google 

Fetching the Milk

(or: “How real food reversed my high cholesterol.”) Finding organic, whole, local foods for our families can be a challenging and often costly endeavor. I find it well worth the extra work and expense, however, to have the peace of mind which comes with knowing