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Mondays with Millie – Healthy Fats

In the article Transition to Real Food in 8 Easy Steps, step #2 was Change Your Fats.  Contrary to what we have been led to believe, fat is not bad for us. Our bodies need fat. Fat helps with brain function, helps us deal with stress, helps 

Mondays with Millie: Quick and Easy Alternatives to Cold Cereal

A few weeks ago I offered some suggestions for transitioning to real food. A suggestion that I suspect wasn’t very popular was #1.  Stop buying breakfast cereal.   I know that this is a hard one. Cold cereal is so easy. Open the box, pour 

Mondays with Millie: 7 Real Food Dinners

Last week I shared 8 easy steps to help you transition to real foods.  In that post I tried to offer some suggestions to help you move toward real foods.  I thought this week, you might like to see (read) just what my family eats.  

Mondays with Millie: Transition to Real Food in 8 Easy Steps

Have you heard about the benefits of a real food diet but aren’t sure how to go about making the switch from a Standard American Diet (we’ll just call that a SAD diet from here on out) to a diet more focused on Real/Whole/Traditional foods (we’ll 

Mondays with Millie

This week marks an exciting addition to Black Chicken Host’s blogging week – Mondays with Millie, featuring the author of Real Food for Less Money, one of my favorite food websites. Millie’s expertise with creating healthy, nutrient-dense foods on a budget is vast and impressive, and