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Post photos of your compost pile!

As spring arrives, some of us become obsessed with Gardening Plans. Successful gardening’s foundation is good soil – soil teeming with nutrients, microbial life, worms, moisture, minerals, decaying organic matter, you name it! Having a compost pile helps us maintain our nutrient-rich soil with a…

Solar Leasing

Today, a blog post on our sister site, Homestead Geek, features Erin’s frustration with the lack of a solar leasing program here in Michigan. We share in her frustration, and encourage our readers to sign the petition at change.org requesting Michigan’s Governor, Rick Snyder, to eliminate…

Sustainable Pet Food

Many of us have animals in our lives, either as household pets, working animals or livestock. What we feed them can be a blind spot for some folks in terms of sustainability. Today, I’m focusing on dog food.

All-Natural Cleaning Ingredients for the Sustainable Household

There isn’t a single person on this earth who could accuse our founder of being A Picky Homemaker – indeed, there is more than a little dog hair on the carpets and sometimes the kitchen looks like this: