Homestead Host Will Soon Be Black Chicken Host

Black Chicken Host is now almost one full year into operation! We have grown and added servers, services, and customers, and it’s been a lot of fun and hard work. Recently, it has become necessary to change our business name and domain, however, due to issues beyond our control. It’s been a crazy two weeks here, coming up with a new business name, logo, domain, website, et cetera, but it will be done soon.

Thus, I’d like to introduce you to Black Chicken Host! The only things that are changing are our name, domain, and website – we’re still the same people, same infrastructure, and same fantastic technical support you’ve come to know and love.

Our customers will be receiving individual emails in the coming days to let you know how the change will affect you personally, and whether there are changes we cannot make on your behalf.

The most important item is email addresses associated with will become The prefix, (support, sales, payments, et cetera) will remain the same.

We have changed our Facebook and G+ pages, as well as our Twitter account. If you liked or followed us there, you don’t have to do it again on the new page, but the URL’s to access our feeds have changed:


Google Plus:

Twitter: (the full name, BlackChickenHost, was one letter too long, so we had to drop the “e.” Silliness.)

Due to the short time frame we’re working with, redirects and forwards will only work for a limited time (until December 7, 2012) once we have them in place. We hope our new website will be up and running within a day or two, and the new email addresses are currently working.

At this stage in our development, a rebranding is just a small bump in the road. We liked Black Chicken Host as a business name, but Black Chicken Host is going to be great, too.

Please pardon our dust in the coming days, and thanks, as always, for your support!

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