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Finding Meaningfulness in Work

Last week, I spoke with the lovely and talented Chaya of Pantry Paratus over Skype. While she was ostensibly interviewing me for a Pantry Paratus Radio podcast, it was more like a nice conversation with a good friend. We talked about everything from raw milk to […]

Venus Transit Promotional Discount

We may be homesteady people here at Black Chicken Host, but we’re also science nerds. Today, I’ve been glued to the NASA Edge live feed of the Venus transition, and have regularly had my mind blown with not only watching the passage of the planet […]

Third-Party Applications & Technical Support

At Black Chicken Host, we completely understand how frustrating it can be getting the runaround from less-than-stellar technical support staff. That’s why each of our Home-Cooked Support staffers was hand-picked by our founder from people she has known and worked with personally for years; you’re […]

New Feature – Free Premium CommentLuv!

Hi folks! Just quick update to let you know of another super-cool bonus of hosting your WordPress site with Black Chicken Host: We now have an unlimited license for CommentLuv, one of the best-known comment-oriented traffic-drivers, and we’re offering it to our customers free of […]

Welcome to Black Chicken Host

We know “living simply” is far from “easy living;” committing to a sustainable lifestyle requires a lot more hard work than buying everything from big-box stores. You have many important things to do everyday, and taking care of your website probably isn’t at the top of the list. […]

A Clear Benefit of Hosting With Us

Recently, we rescued Pantry Paratus from a sub-optimal relationship with another hosting company. Check out their response times since that happened: It’s pretty clear where we came into the picture, right? We will never oversell our servers, like most other hosting companies do. Your Google […]

Two Websites Homesteaders Should Know About

Two Websites Homesteaders Should Know About

Black Chicken Host is completely thrilled to bring two homesteading powerhouses to you: Homesteading Heroine Jill W. of The Prairie Homestead and Wholesome Food Genius Millie C. of Real Food for Less Money are now happily settled into their new homes on our servers, and […]

WordPress Plugins – Pros and Cons

WordPress Plugins – Pros and Cons

Many bloggers use WordPress (and we do, too!) which is a fantastic tool to use for an online presence. In addition to very nice built-in functionality, there is a robust community of developers who write add-on features for WP called “plugins.” Plugins can do anything […]