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Boot Camp: Using Your Domain with gMail

Most of us in the internet business want to increase our domain’s visibility in as many ways as possible – getting the word out about our amazing blog, service or product is an important part of our success. One method of ensuring people see our domains is to use a domain-based email address, as opposed to a free email provider address.

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Analytics Boot Camp Day 5: Visitors Flow

Hello, Campees!

Today we’re going to show you our second-favorite Analytics area, Visitors Flow. This informative screen only falls behind Real-Time track in terms of nifty-ness in our view. Erin is partial to the image to the left, because it reminds her of nerves coming out of a human spinal column (she is a little bit of an anatomy geek.)

To help us set up our Boot Camp today, let’s see what Google says: “Visitors Flow is a graphical representation of the paths visitors took through your site, from the source, through the various pages, and where along their paths they exited your site.” Neat!

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Analytics Boot Camp Day 4: Technology

Howdy, Boot Camp Attendees –

Get this – we’re almost halfway through the Standard Reporting tab! Soon, you’ll be a total pro at Google Analytics (GA.)

Tonight’s installment covers the Technology, Social, and Mobile menus, which we find under Standard Reporting, Audience.

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Analytics Boot Camp – Day Three: Standard Reporting, Part Two

Alrighty, Campers!

We’re just going to hit two quick bits tonight, before it gets too late to learn anything new.

These two topics, Custom Variables and User Defined, are considered advanced topics, and we’re not going to go into them in-depth here. We did want to provide some resources, however, for readers interested in customizing their Analytics code and reports. up

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Analytics Boot Camp: Day 3 – Standard Reporting Tab, Part 1

Buon giorno, Boot Campers!

In Days One and Two of this Boot Camp, we covered signing up for Google Analytics (GA,) we went over the Home Tab in the Admin Dashboard, and covered Intelligence Events.

Today, we’re moving on to the Standard Reporting tab, which is just to the right of the Home tab:

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Analytics Boot Camp: Day Two, Part Two

We’re back, Boot Campees!

In the second installment of today’s Boot Camp, we’re going to briefly discuss how Real-Time tracking can be useful (and fun) after you do a social media campaign, and then move into the next area of the Google Analytics (GA) Home tab – Intelligence Events.

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Analytics Boot Camp: Day Two – Home Tab, Continued

Ahoy, Boot Campers!

Welcome to Day Two of our Google Analytics Boot Camp.

Today, we’ll continue exploring the Home tab on the Analytics administrative dashboard – specifically, Real-Time tracking.

One of our favorite features of Analytics is the Real-Time tracking; this shows you active users on your site Right Now, where they came from, where they are located geographically, what they’re looking at, and how many pages have been clicked in the last 30 minutes. It’s terribly, terribly spiffy. Continue reading

Boot Camp – Understanding Google Analytics

Well hello there, Google Analytics Boot Campees!

When you look at your Google Analytics Dashboard, does your heart sink, your eyes glaze over, your brain feel a little overwhelmed? We completely understand. There is a metric honkload of information presented, and not always in particularly intuitive ways. Too, we find much of Google’s Help section for Analytics pretty unhelpful for beginners.

That’s why we’re here!

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Monetization Boot Camp Day 5: Advanced Topics & Wrap-Up

Howdy, and welcome to the final day of our Personal Blog Monetization Boot Camp!

We hope you’ve found the information we’ve present a useful starting point for earning income with your blog or website.

Today, we’re going to cover some advanced topics, balancing life with blogging, and summing everything up. If you’ve made it this far into the camp, we salute your attention span! There has been a lot of information presented this week.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

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