Month: March 2012

Analytics Boot Camp Day 4: Technology

Analytics Boot Camp Day 4: Technology

Howdy, Boot Camp Attendees – Get this – we’re almost halfway through the Standard Reporting tab! Soon, you’ll be a total pro at Google Analytics (GA.) Tonight’s installment covers the Technology, Social, and Mobile menus, which we find under Standard Reporting, Audience.

Analytics Boot Camp, Day 4: Behavior

Hello, Boot Campers! Welcome to Day Four of our Google Analytics Boot Camp. Are your eyes bleeding yet? Are you dreaming of pie graphs and metrics? We are. Today, we’re covering the Behavior area, which is in our Standard Reporting tab on the Admin Dashboard 

Analytics Boot Camp – Day Three: Standard Reporting, Part Two

Alrighty, Campers! We’re just going to hit two quick bits tonight, before it gets too late to learn anything new. These two topics, Custom Variables and User Defined, are considered advanced topics, and we’re not going to go into them in-depth here. We did want 

Analytics Boot Camp: Day 3 – Standard Reporting Tab, Part 1

Buon giorno, Boot Campers! In Days One and Two of this Boot Camp, we covered signing up for Google Analytics (GA,) we went over the Home Tab in the Admin Dashboard, and covered Intelligence Events. Today, we’re moving on to the Standard Reporting tab, which 

Analytics Boot Camp: Day Two, Part Two

We’re back, Boot Campees! In the second installment of today’s Boot Camp, we’re going to briefly discuss how Real-Time tracking can be useful (and fun) after you do a social media campaign, and then move into the next area of the Google Analytics (GA) Home 

Analytics Boot Camp: Day Two – Home Tab, Continued

Ahoy, Boot Campers! Welcome to Day Two of our Google Analytics Boot Camp. Today, we’ll continue exploring the Home tab on the Analytics administrative dashboard – specifically, Real-Time tracking. One of our favorite features of Analytics is the Real-Time tracking; this shows you active users 

Mondays with Millie – Healthy Fats

In the article Transition to Real Food in 8 Easy Steps, step #2 was Change Your Fats.  Contrary to what we have been led to believe, fat is not bad for us. Our bodies need fat. Fat helps with brain function, helps us deal with stress, helps 

Boot Camp – Understanding Google Analytics

Well hello there, Google Analytics Boot Campees! When you look at your Google Analytics Dashboard, does your heart sink, your eyes glaze over, your brain feel a little overwhelmed? We completely understand. There is a metric honkload of information presented, and not always in particularly 

Affiliate Contest

Affiliate Contest

Did you know Black Chicken Host has an affiliate program? As you may have just guessed, we do! We are grateful to our affiliate partners for helping us spread the word about our services. Because we know you’re putting time and effort into promoting us, 

Server Upgrade 2am Eastern 3/6/2012

Server Upgrade 2am Eastern 3/6/2012

Howdy Folks – Tonight at 2am Eastern time, we’ll be quadrupling the power of the server. This will result in increased site performance for all sites on this server. There will be a brief period of downtime, but we think it will be well